Risk Assessment


This is the risk assessment for our shoot. This was important to do because we need to make the area that we are shooting safe, because we don’t want to have any injuries during the shooting of this film.

Me and James made this risk assessment in our boarding house together.


Company’s I would work with, (Production, Distribution and Exhibition)


The Production company I have chosen is ‘20th Century Fox’


The main reason why I chose this company is because it is famous  and known for all film genres including Romantic Comedy. I didn’t use another company because I want my film to appeal to the most possible viewers and when it’s been made by a good company and well known company then it may appeal more and this will make more people want to watch it

Distribution :

The Distribution company I have chosen is ‘Universal’

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 17.19.27.png

I could not think of a better distribution company to pick because it deals with a lot of Romantic Comedies. they worked on ‘Hitch’ which is on of the most famous RomCom. These films have the same target audience as us. are are very well known.

Exhibition :

The company I have chosen to show my film is ‘Cineworld’GQ-Cineworld_Logo.png

I have used this company because it’s a very well known company. all The top films are shown on Cineworld Cinemas, This is the second  biggest cinema in the country. which will attach more people using good advertising.