Characteristics needed for a Romantic Comedy

In romantic comedies there is always a sort of based guideline where in most cases it is boy meets girl or girl meets boy. The most famous romantic comedies are done in this way as it has the biggest audience. It is commonly done on the way that they meet then something is wrong such as them having an argument and then this goes out of hand they split up but then they both realise but They can’t live without each other. Even though this is very basic if it is done well it is very effective. James and I have noticed that as we are only doing the beginning of the film we will not show this whole process process that I have just explained and that we have to be quite clever anywhere able to show the two characters meeting and seeing that sparked but also in a humorous way. Luckily with the help of task  five we are able to show the titles any different and and clever way. As we picked apart of the opening titles of Napoleon dynamite.


Traits of Rom Com

List of Romantic Comedy traits. Most romantic comedies have the majority of these traits this is because most people identify romantic comedies in this way with these distinct traits. They use these more and more as the filmmakers no it’s what the audience wants to see.

Here’s the list

  1. Finding a childhood sweetheart
  2. Getting a message to someone you love before its to late
  3. Connecting with the friends of the person you love
  4. Trying to break a couple up because they don’t belong together
  5. Proving you aren’t lying or cheating to someone else
  6. Best friends who fall out of touch and then find each other again later in life
  7. Humour
  8. Accidents that effect one person or both in the couple
  9. Silly arguments that get out of hand
  10. One liners
  11. Accidental violence, that dose not hurt the other person in the couple but its funny.