Evaluation Task 1

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Shot 1 – This is Enrique he is waking up to frantically to his alarm and rushes for the door. This is similar to major films because the camera is placed in a position where you can see the whole room.

Shot 2 – This is Esme who is the Female actress she is walking to the bathroom I think this is like a major Film as camera shows what she is wearing so you really get an idea of what time of day this has been filmed.

Shot 3 –this is the shot of the Warning cone this is similar to a major Film as it is filmed in a bathroom and so to be able to be seen by a wider audience. And it is also a different angle to the rest of the film.


Shot 4 – This is Enrique in the shower this is a high angle shot which is similar to the one above as It is also a bathroom shot so you don’t want to show nudity hence why you can only see his head and shoulders.


Shot 5 – Enrique is buttoning up his shirt which I think Is a very similar shot to what you would see in a Major film as this is sort of a classic shot because it show he getting frustrated with the simply time takers.


Shot 6 – This is a over the shoulder shot of Enrique showing him shaving this is similar to a major film as you cant see the lenses in the mirror as it is filmed at an angle where you still have space for the title on the left hand side of the screen.

Shot 7 – Esme is walking too her car this a shot which shows she taking her time and that actually time is not an issue this is a similar shot to a major film as it is a panning shot which moves with her.


Shot 8 – This Enrique running with the car that is about to hit him this create dramatic irony, as you know that there is a car there, this is something that I would have thought it would be used in a Major film.


Shot 9 – point of view shot from Enrique on the ground with Esme checking on him this is also a shot you would see in a film, this can reassure the audience as Enrique has just been hit by a car that nothing bad has really happened to him, this help the romcom Idea so you don’t worry about him for very long and you can see the funny side to it .