Textual analysis of Opening scene for Hitch


I chose this opening because this is one of the most well known Rom Com I know. During the first shots of the opening scene, different ethnicity and gender is displayed. This allows the film to gain a larger audience because it doesn’t present any raised issues of prejudice. The mise en scene plays an important part to the opening scene containing the persona that people put on to impress others, fitting in with the genre of a romantic film. The location is clearly displayed in the opening scene there are yellow taxis, which immediately shows that it is filmed in America, New York is the most likely state of which it is filmed in because formality and wealth is displayed through the characters mise en scene and characteristics, as well as background imagery. This supplies the audience with plenty of information to understand what the film is likely to be about, giving them an insight into the style of which an trust worthy man controls over other men to manage them to success.

Non diegetic sound is instantly played in the opening scene, it is an upbeat song representing the cheerful of the film. it is a song that includes the words love which is fitting for the film  . the voices over the music starts with a strong voice of god dialogue as the main feature of sound . There are a lot of eyeline match editing techniques involved in the opening scene,  looking  into each characters eyes, showing the warmth each of them take to each other. The final shots are of Will Smith meeting the man, give his schedule and showing his occupation to set the film out.
Will Smith enters with such glamour which captivates the audience and instantly allows them to recognise who the main character is. this  technique is called ‘breaking the fourth wall’ as Will Smith is looking into the audience, effecting the way they perceive him. The director has also made him use metafiction, which draws attention to himself as a work of art. Will Smith is telling the audience what men want,  in the film this is showing woman up because they should expect to know men’s needs, showing the overruling power men are believed to have. The editors use a technique of prevalence on Will Smith, suggesting he is the most important because the camera is directed on him most of the opening scene.








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